Chuck Woolery: Where is AARP to defend Clint Eastwood?!/chuckwoolery/status/242728347132637184

Twitchy wasn’t the only one to notice the Left’s amateur diagnosis of Clint Eastwood with dementia following his ad-libbed skit at the Republican National Convention. (Don’t blame the skit; they said the same thing following his initial endorsement of Mitt Romney as well.) Chuck Woolery noticed as well, and he’s wondering (via his unverified account) when the AARP will stand up to defend this particular senior like he did.

@chuckwoolery You know where the AARP politics lay, whatever Obama says goes.

— Stephen Zieman (@StephenZieman) September 3, 2012

@chuckwoolery Just like Cain is the wrong type of Afro-American for NAACP, Palin is the wrong type of woman for NOW, & Condi's wrong 4 both.

— Shane Dale (@arizonashane) September 3, 2012

I'm shocked that nobody gets he was doing his own Bob Newhart routine. How great was that? It was brilliant! @chuckwoolery

— Terry Tuttle (@tut2112) September 3, 2012

@tut2112 Bob Newhart got it.

— Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) September 3, 2012

Be sure to check out Twitchy’s coverage of #EmptyChairDay for a bunch of people who “got it.”

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