Cinco de Mayo looks bleak for margarita lovers as #limeageddon looms


Not only have Mexican lime farmers had to deal with bad weather and plant disease, but a drug cartel has discovered that hijacking lime shipments is pretty profitable. PolicyMic reports:

Mother Nature had already been threatening Mexican limes for a while: A severe drought was followed by the spread of a bacterial disease (huanglongbing) that attacks citrus trees, then by a harsh winter that killed tree blossoms. As the lime supply grew more and more valuable, a Mexican gang saw an opening for an investment opportunity.

As a result the price of limes has quadrupled over the last year.!/kmeyerpdx/status/461692824917127168

Limes are integral to Mexican food and cocktails so this doesn’t bode well for upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities.!/BloombergNews/status/462230402632273920

There are some deniers.!/SaidGeneva/status/462057533440397312

But the crisis is real.!/CrepesofWrath/status/462021789435330561!/CMoecks/status/461694649015361537!/PamEngel12/status/462022114611314688

The horror.

Bars and restaurants are being forced to take extreme measures!/cabrasted/status/462027760786231296!/MathewPassy/status/459668543760769024!/danmoser1961/status/462242616117960705



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