Coaches snub Chandler: NBA announces All-Defensive team!/basketballtalk/status/205353254836645888

Kobe Bryant joined Rondo, Deng, Garnett & Chandler on the NBA's All Defensive 2nd Team (voted on by the 30 head coaches).

— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) May 23, 2012

LeBron James got most votes in NBA All-Defensive Team balloting. He was fourth in defensive POY ballot. Coaches vote for this one.

— Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) May 23, 2012

The NBA has announced the “All-Defensive” team and surprise, surprise, LeBron James received the most votes. Since All-Defensive team is voted on by coaches, it should come as no surprise that many fans disagree with how the votes turned out.

There are some compelling arguments to be made though. How the heck can Tyson Chandler win Defensive Player of the Year, but NOT make the All-Defensive first team?

Lebron all defensive team what cant he do

— Steven Maynard (@steviee21) May 23, 2012

Lebron got the most 1st place votes for the All-Defensive team, yet Tyson Chandler won DPOY and didnt even make the 1st team, makes no sense

— E (@Foh_D_Wade) May 23, 2012

All-Defensive teams are total crap. Kobe Bryant is not the third best defensive guard in the league at this point in his career.

— Connor Rose (@connorarose) May 23, 2012

so uhh… Tyson Chandler gets voted DPOY but doesnt make All-Defensive first team… *scratches head*

— TROX. (@iamTROX) May 23, 2012

how is @tysonchandler going to be DPOY but not make the all defensive team. average defense on a poor defensive team. IBAKA #DPOY allday

— Robert (@Ser__Robert) May 23, 2012

So wait, if #LeBron is lead vote-getter for All-Defensive team, doesn't that make him Defensive #MVP as well as reg #MVP

— JerseyChaser (@jerseychaser) May 23, 2012

Come on.. Kobe in the All Defensive Second Team? This is a joke right? He's slower than Phil Jackson now.

— Zayne Heng (@craZayne) May 23, 2012

Has there ever been a player who earned more all-defensive team awards based purely on reputation than Kobe? I highly doubt it.

— Daniel Buerge (@danielbuergeLA) May 23, 2012

No tweet sums it up better than this one:

When it comes to the All Defensive Team vote, it's important to remember that the people voting (NBA coaches) probably don't give a shit.

— Brett Koremenos (@BKoremenos) May 23, 2012

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