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Coca-Cola severed ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today in the face of pressure from opponents of voter ID laws, laws like the one that passed today in the Minn. Senate. ALEC supports the passage of such laws.

From The Washington Examiner:

In caving into the economic threats, Coke told Secrets: “The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with [ALEC]. Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business. We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry.”

The news did not go over well with conservative talk radio host and pundit Dana Loesch:

Nice to see @CocaCola sides with an entity whose founder believes the US attacked itself on 9-11. #colorofchange #voterintegrity

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 4, 2012

Color of Change co-founder Van Jones supports cop killers and is a truther. @CocaCola sides with him. FYI.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 4, 2012

I wonder if @CocaCola also supports cop killers and subscribes to the other beliefs of COlor of Change co-founder? Any statement, Coke?

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 4, 2012

Many others felt the same way:

@DLoesch @CocaCola As a Philadelphia police detective, I won't support a company that sides with friends of Mumia. Goodbye, Coke!

— Martin Brody (@DarthWyatt) April 4, 2012!/TheMommyLobby/status/187646682597564416

@CocaCola Congrats.There is a culture happening and you just chose the side who wants to smash your windows and steal your 'obscene' profits

— Jimmy Simpson (@informedblackmn) April 4, 2012

So @CocaCola prefers Van Jones over Rush Limbaugh. Duly noted.

— Dos Mas Cervezas (@DosMasCervezas) April 4, 2012

@CocaCola great job for not standing up for principles .. but caving to thugs shows why I wont have any #coke products every again

— Phillip (@PhillipG76) April 4, 2012

@CocaCola Am urging all to boycott Coke re: political stance. I am a voter. You now stand for diluting my vote. #CocaCola #boycott

— TakeNoPrisoners (@TakeNoPrisoners) April 4, 2012

Fast food chain Arby’s quickly followed suit, vowing to discontinue ads on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show – in the wake of the month-old “Slutgate” controversy:

@StopRush We’re aware of this issue and have taken the necessary steps to discontinue advertising during this show as soon as possible.

— Arby's (@Arbys) April 4, 2012

In doing so, Arby’s has alienated a large number of current and potential customers, who view this move as a strike against free speech.

@Arbys I'm now aware of this issue, and have taken the necessary steps to discontinue eating at Arbys.

— Gerry Daly (@GerryDales) April 4, 2012

Look what Arby's thinks of people like us, who are listeners to Rush– >

— Ronnie (@gopthinking) April 4, 2012

Anti-freedom progressives are targeting businesses in a bad economy to cyber bully them to cave to their agenda. Welcome to Orwell times.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 4, 2012!/ksemliltyh/status/187667076616421376

I sure am gonna miss those hi-dollar, hi-margin #MarketFresh @arbys sandwiches. #withRush #tcot #orca

— AmmosexualDEETZ (@tahDeetz) April 4, 2012

@Arbys Then STOP Arby's Many truck drivers eat @ Arby's on the road, but support Rush, so you just screwed yourself!

— Joni Hopkins Schmitt (@montanasown) April 4, 2012

@Arbys My dad is the biggest Arby's eater I know, and has just told me that he will not eat at your chain anymore due to this decision.

— Dillon Johnson (@dilllj) April 4, 2012!/GodsElection/status/187675368109510656

@Arbys I have sold all my investment in your stock and will not be purchasing your product anymore. The power of the purse. #StandWithRush

— DrainTheSwamp (@DrainedTheSwamp) April 4, 2012!/MadisonRebel/status/187672394641580032

And our buddy Sooper Mexican would just like to remind everyone who’s decided to stop eating at Arby’s that they won’t be missing out on anything:

***The Simpsons nailed @Arbys crappy food long ago – matches their politics.. "Arby's Stops Rush Ads" #tcot #p2

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) April 4, 2012

Based on Twitter buzz, it’s looking like Coke’s and Arby’s decisions turn out to be major “D’oh!” moves. Whoops.

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