Come onesie, come all! OFA has the ‘perfect gift’ for your budding Obama cultist [pics]


Citizens, rejoice!!/OFA_MO/status/448928384551092224!/OFA_MD/status/448880819780587520

Yep, just hope on over.!/OFA_AZ/status/448914039532302336

There’s even a special discount! But you’d better act fast. There’s a deadline, you see:!/BarackObama/status/448915736962945024

And as we all know, deadlines are very important to the Obama administration.!/redsteeze/status/448935872764071936

Aww, don’t be such a downer. There’s quality merchandise here, folks. Like this:!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/448918800084135936

Sweet! Any plans to start selling those in adult sizes?



Twitchy coverage of OFA’s favorite onesie wearer

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