Concern troll Matt Lewis throws trolling tantrum, tattles on critic Ben Howe!/adamsbaldwin/status/289094122055270400

Matt Lewis also doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality.

Finally taking the stand no one else cared about. RT @mattklewis: Confronting @benhowe: My own personal Twitter troll…

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) January 9, 2013

The delusions of grandeur, they scorch!

Oops! Did I interrupt your therapy session? RT @mattklewis: Confronting @benhowe: My own personal Twitter troll

— J Kane (@J_Kane) January 9, 2013

Once again, The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis is using his platform to get down to what is really important: Settling his deluded playground scores. People are icky and Matt Lewis will totally get you with his vast powers of whining and foot-stomping!

His jackassery knows no bounds and now he has decided to double-down on the douchenozzlery as well. Last week, he penned an “article” that was actually sanctimony of the highest order. He railed against Ron Meyer, Jr. for his Boehner predictions, and he did so in the most incredibly puerile and douche-tastic way. Twitter users quickly called him out for that one.

Just incredible: @mattklewis hits the trifecta of piling on, 20:20 hindsight, *and* implicit @gopfirecracker

— Loren Heal(@lheal) January 6, 2013

.@mattklewis has written some awful articles (plenty of which attack conservative positions), but this is a new low.…

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) January 6, 2013

The embarrassing overreach of the anti-Boehner predictions is matched only by @mattklewis‘ juvenile taunting:…

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) January 6, 2013

.@mattklewis taunts @ronmeyerjr w all the class of a grade school bully despite Boehner coup being closer than reported

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) January 7, 2013

@exjon @johnekdahl I love how @mattklewis says going on his podcast might have been thought too dangerous as opposed to just a waste of time

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) January 6, 2013

So @bradthor, people are surprised @mattklewis is an insecure jackass? @ronmeyerjr @dailycaller

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) January 7, 2013

Hi @tuckercarlsen & @mattklewis, I’m sure Foster Friess is *really* impressed right now… and…

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) January 7, 2013

@exjon @johnekdahl Wow, @mattklewis is a bloviating douchebag. We can only hope he takes the path of others and he becomes a lefty

— D.M. Hawkins (@HawkinsUSA) January 7, 2013

And, Lewis, of course, brought it all back to “look at me, look at ME!”

@nedryun Hey, Ned. Why don’t you start a #FireLewis hashtag. I need the job security!

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) January 7, 2013

Funny that he spoke of job security. Because now he is on a tattling spree. This time, it is aimed at RedState’s Ben Howe, whom the concern troll Lewis has hypocritically accused of … trolling.

@bethanyshondark agreed. 🙂

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) January 9, 2013

@benhowe Isn’t @mattklewis just a clumsy hypocrite #ConcernTroll calling fellow cons “execrable” (MM) & “crazy” (U)? ->…

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) January 9, 2013

Yep, Lewis took to Twitter also. To whine about … Twitter trolling.

@krempasky I think it’s a legit post. But the important thing is I DIDN’T use Twitter to accuse a fellow conservative of sex with animals!

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) January 9, 2013

Yeah, she invented that. RT @gabrielmalor: Also, @mattklewis, stealing Jen Rubin’s line about your arms being tired from “punching down”?

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) January 9, 2013

Bless his heart. He even has to recycle his pitiful whines.

Frum and Malkin are execrable for entirely different reasons. I can’t figure out who’s “punching down”.

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) September 22, 2012

But, in an even larger act of jackassery, Lewis is tattling to Howe’s clients.

@jgreendc he didn’t indicate that he’d seen it or was offended or anything.He just started calling my clients. @politicalmath

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) January 9, 2013

In that post @mattklewis says “Heritage Foundation” 7x. But he was just trying to confirm something! Not endanger @benhowe ‘s livelihood!

— Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) January 9, 2013

That’s right, and Lewis shamelessly admitted as much in his stompy foot snit disguised as an article.

Good thing @benhowe doesn’t have four kids to feed, or that @mattklewis post would’ve really been low.

— Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) January 9, 2013


@drewmtips @benhowe And you’re not even getting paid. Can that guy be anymore childish? Good grief that article was embarrassing.

— Veruca Salt (D) (@LilMissRightie) January 9, 2013

Of course, childish and toolish is not new for Mr. Lewis, as Twitter users are quick to remember and point out.

Was @michellemalkin busy? RT @mattklewis: Confronting @benhowe: My own personal Twitter troll…

— Dan Isett (@DanIsett) January 9, 2013

So the guy so clearly trolling in the gutters just to get linkage to an article calling M. Malkin execrable is now upset about….trolling?

— Veruca Salt (D) (@LilMissRightie) January 9, 2013

Yep. Matt Lewis attacked Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin as “execrable” not too long ago. Then doubled-down. Execrable, heal thyself.

Twitter users continue to give King Whiner the business.

Geez, Matt. Grow a pair. RT @mattklewis: Confronting @benhowe: My own personal Twitter troll

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) January 9, 2013

I’d like to know how @mattklewis reached the conclusion @benhowe “apparently believes” he was employed by Heritage? Calling them was lame.

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) January 9, 2013

He should work for MSNBC!RT @adamsbaldwin: .@benhowe Shorter @mattklewis: “I’m a professional writer who …

— Anthony Sanders (@AnthonyBSanders) January 9, 2013

Ah, so it’s @benhowe vs @mattklewis? Yeah, #TeamBenHowe, pretty much.

— Kevin P (@mustango13) January 9, 2013

It’s helpful to remember we’re only days removed from Lewis calling a 23 year-old kid a douchebag in a news article.

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) January 9, 2013

If @mattklewis wants to be taken seriously, then perhaps he should behave more seriously. Professionals do not whine like a mule.

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) January 9, 2013

@adamsbaldwin Or the difference between something to ignore and something to write a whiny blog post about. @benhowe @mattklewis

— Jim J (@anthropocon) January 9, 2013

@mattklewis your “troll” piece seems to confirm the quote’s suspicion that you’re using DC to settle a personal score.

— Michael Krempasky (@krempasky) January 9, 2013

New Twitter Rules: No one is allowed to criticize @mattklewis or he’ll tell on them. (No, I won’t linking to his whiny blog post)

— Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) January 9, 2013

Bingo. When called on his pathetic behavior, Matt Lewis, as always, bravely runs away!

I’m jealous of @benhowe. I could have been @mattklewis‘s twitter troll, but he blocked me 2 years ago. I mean, I can use sarcasm too!

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) January 9, 2013

By the way @mattklewis just blocked me for pointing out I don’t know anybody who likes him #courageous

— Stephen Gutowski (@collegepolitico) January 9, 2013

.@johnekdahl As I recall, @mattklewis blocked me in the fall for calling him a RINO.

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) January 9, 2013

WAIT! I remember now. @mattklewis blocked me for defending @michellemalkin.

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) January 9, 2013

@exjon he blocked me a couple of years ago cuz I criticized him. Life is still worth living. @verumserum@mattklewis

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) January 9, 2013

.@saintrph why does @mattklewis have a twitter? he blocks anyone who may read @dailycaller so he can’t promote or discuss his posts @benhowe

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) January 9, 2013


Having trouble finding a person in America more pathetic than @mattklewis. It may be time to stop looking.

— Jeff Emanuel (@jeffemanuel) January 9, 2013

So, he really is special! Sorry, Matt, not in the good way. We are laughing at you, not with you.

@benhowe Need something to write about. Make fun of me.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) January 9, 2013

Heh. Share the concern trolling!

Dear Matt Lewis: Save your concern trolling for your therapist. No one else has time for that nonsense. Maybe you can find a new best friend with whom you can cry into your tear-stained diary. We have a suggestion for the perfect person for the job!

@mattklewis is the male version of @mccainblogette for a whole host of reasons. Where to even begin….. #Oy

— Veruca Salt (D) (@LilMissRightie) January 9, 2013

The 2013 Meghan McCain —> @mattklewis

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) January 9, 2013

You’re welcome.


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