Conspiracy alert: Greg Abbott ‘wheelchair truthers’ actually exist


There’s always the possibility that these are just a couple of Internet trolls messing with us. Who else would demand that Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott “Give us the medical records. Prove he is paraplegic”?!/WILLisms/status/427102024644050944

Has it really come to this? Apparently so.!/katzeye75/status/427102629554958336!/bothofus7/status/427103361046151168!/ericinva/status/427193617258917888!/Matthops82/status/427195401872363520!/cmdeb/status/427195659007971328

Wheelchair Truthers???? RT @baseballcrank: 1. Guess how crazy this is.

2. Click.

3. Yep. It's crazier than that.— Joe (@JoeFL65) January 25, 2014!/amylutz4/status/427199232089395200!/Matthops82/status/427199428790091776

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