Cops Asked Her Why Her Tags Were Expired…Then She Said Something Heartbreaking

After overcoming a tough pregnancy plagued with cancer, single mother of two Naomi Norelli set out to start a new life by moving to Denver.

Once she arrived, though, her problems only got worse. After her new job fell through and she found a different one, her car died, leaving her unable to make it to work every morning. When Norelli was finally able to purchase a new car, she struggled to pay for tags and inspections.

On her way to work one morning, Norelli was pulled over by the cops because of the expired tags. When asked why her tags were from so long ago, the mom broke down and told them that she was between buying new tags or getting groceries for her and her kids. When she got to her job after that, two police officers surprised her with bags full of groceries.

As news of the police department’s good deeds spread throughout the town, more people began donating groceries along with gift cards and essentials that she and her kids so desperately needed.


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It’s nice to be reminded that the majority of officers take their oaths seriously. They protect and serve those who entrust them with their lives each and every day. Share this inspiring story with the people you love!

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