Cretinous protester sports t-shirt with Zimmerman in crosshairs [photos]!/seguifox13/status/356093082938269696

As death threats related to the upcoming George Zimmerman trial verdict continue, one protester outside the Seminole County courthouse is signaling just what kind of “justice for Trayvon” he’d like to see.!/ggome13/status/356086050810109953

Close-ups courtesy of investigative reporter Lee Stranahan:!/Stranahan/status/356099919712489472

The back of his shirt reads “Yes sir … creepy ass cracker.” That term of endearment, of course, simply means “pervert” in at least one woman’s culture.!/Stranahan/status/356098197141200896

This shirt is reportedly a top-seller.!/atty2thestars/status/356035426512953344

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