Egyptian President Morsi promises to protect ‘citizens’ and Coptic cathedral!/EgyPresidency/status/320997000243990528

As Twitchy reported earlier today,  an Islamist mob attacked Egyptian Coptic Christians at Abbasiya Cathedral, one of Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedrals.

According to @EgyPresidency, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi claims he will ensure the protection of “citizens” and the Abbasiya Cathedral.

Pres. Morsy called Pope Tawadros II, assured him that he’s personally following up on the measures taken to protect citizens & Cathedral

— Egyptian Presidency (@EgyPresidency) April 7, 2013

Pres. Morsy ordered immediate investigation into Cathedral clashes & said culprits will be brought to justice

— Egyptian Presidency (@EgyPresidency) April 7, 2013

Pres. Morsy urged all citizens to avoid being dragged into unlawful acts that would jeopardize the nation’s security and stability.

— Egyptian Presidency (@EgyPresidency) April 7, 2013

His use of the term “Cathedral clashes” suggests culpability on both sides, even though Islamists reportedly initiated the attack.

And his pledge to bring “culprits” to justice leaves open the possibility of blaming the attacks on Coptic Christians.

A lot of Twitter users are skeptical — and rightly so.

@egypresidencywe all know that these tweets are lies and PR cover up for the real MB hidden agenda!

— Dr. Nancy Wassef (@nancyemile) April 7, 2013

The latest tweets from @egypresidency seem to imply that Cathedral and Coptic citizens aren’t protected as a matter of course.

— Paul Sedra (@sedgate) April 7, 2013

[email protected]egypresidency You are in charge. You are feeding sectarian tensions. You are manipulating, lying, attacking. You are responsible. Face it!

— El Nesr (@BetOnMisr) April 7, 2013

@egypresidency what a joke. A typical sign of failed leadership is to be reactionary. Never proactive. Too busy worrying about comics #egypt

— Tamer Abdelaal (@zanesfather) April 7, 2013

@egypresidencyفاشل فاشل فاشل فاشل فاشل فاشل فاشل فاشلRidiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous

— اسلام على (@aslamali470) April 7, 2013

@egypresidency haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

— UserMaatka (@Zogysa) April 7, 2013

[email protected]egypresidency either you have no control over MOI/they dont follow orders or you’re blatantly lying. Either way, you’re a complete failure

— Abdallah Hussein (@Abdallah_h) April 7, 2013

@egypresidency and MOI were left to decide what the “necessary measures” should be? Was tear gas in cathedral a “necessary measure”?

— Joel Gulhane (@jgulhane) April 7, 2013


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