Eye on Occupy: Helpful Twitter tips for Portland planners


Here at Twitchy we are continuing to keep an eye on Occupy (more here). For some reason, Occupy Oregon decided it would ask Twitter for advice on what to occupy next.

Let’s just say Twitter had more than a few suggestions for them…

A shower RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?

— DrewMTips (@DrewMTips) April 10, 2012

Mars. RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?

— SunnyRight (@sunnyright) April 10, 2012

Back down to your moms's basements RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?

— Monkey (@Monkey_Attack) April 10, 2012

How about a job? Or go help elderly or a mission, or just serve other people. RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?

— Jimmy Simpson (@informedblackmn) April 10, 2012

Back to preschool and relearn where to appropriately go potty? "RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?"

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) April 10, 2012

a deserted island? RT @brandondarby A shower? "RT @OccupyOregon Where should #OccupyPortland #occupy next?"

— Chris (@ChrisMears00) April 10, 2012


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