Fiscal cliff crapwich reality shock: ‘I take home less now, thanks Obama’!/_MikeLow/status/286495899490856961

Oh, dear! Reality is hard. That “fair share” fiscal cliff crapwich deal doesn’t seem to be a hit, even for the not “rich.” A chink in the class warfare armor?

Whenever President Obama says, “fair share” I vomit in my mouth.

— Kristina (@KrissyK90) January 2, 2013

Now that the wealthy are paying their “fair share” perhaps the press can ask Obama how he’s going to pay down the rest of the $16T debt?

— John McClelland (@JayCryptic) January 2, 2013

Since Obama was elected the first time, my savings dropped and my expenses have risen..that is fair share?..I lost $5,000 just keeping pace

— Tim O’Brien (@Timobns) January 2, 2013

Many Twitter users first point out the irony of Obama’s class warfare fiscal cliff deal and rhetoric, while he jets off to Hawaii to finish up his fancy pants vacation.

Obama is on his way back to Hawaii to vacation his fair share. #tcot

— Cathy Buffaloe (@cathybuffaloe) January 2, 2013

#FAIRSHAREFlying back & forth to Hawaii is hardly doing YOUR fair share, #Obama. You play..we pay. #taxes #deficit #GOP

— Pat (@grammy620) January 2, 2013

So, I guess we’ll be hearing about how the ‘rich’ are still not paying their ‘fair share’ when Obama gets back from his now $7mil HI vacay.

— Frank McGuigan (@TiTusks) January 2, 2013

Obama “I’m thrilled those greedy millionaires making less than half a mill will now pay their fair share. Excuse me, my jets waiting.”

— matt whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) January 2, 2013

RT @zionistforever President Obama “Everyone pays their fair share” now excuse me while I go meet up with Michelle & the kids in HawaiiAloha

— Ed Hodge (@hodge_e) January 2, 2013

Heh. Not so amusing? Reality hitting hard.

Fiscal cliff hits paychecks with payroll tax hike (77% of Americans WILL take home LESS money in 2013)…

— Thomas Fox (@ThomasJFox) January 2, 2013

Secret you won’t know until you get your next check is that if you make $100,000, you’ll pay $2,000 more in payroll taxes. #fiscalcliff Shh!

— Tex Thornton(@ThorntonB1) January 2, 2013

A deal is done. The fiscal cliff avoided. But everyone pays 2% more for SS tax. Your pay check is going to

— Don Hudson (@donhudson_tv) January 2, 2013

Well, my check is on Friday will be quite a bit less, how about yours? The real kicker is that I am just about…

— Jennifer Green (@osugirl2) January 2, 2013

How can this be? Obama promised!

Everybody is now paying their fair share.Obama said so! #tcot #p2

— Dustin(@Redneck4Rubio) January 2, 2013

Some Twitter users are shocked. Only nefarious and dastardly Richy Richies were to be punished!

I hate dat da bigger yo check is, the more fuckin taxes dey take out lol…den my insurance den my union dues come out wit it lol smfh

— BANDKLANRAYBANDZ (@FlyDivRayBandz) January 2, 2013

I just picked up my check from work and I’m pissed at taxes. It’s like the more I work the more tax they take off. It’s fucking stupid…

— Antonio TAN Garcia ⚽ (@Antoniogarcia94) January 2, 2013

That decision is not what i wanted…. $20 more dollars out of my check for taxes…. that’s crazy!!!

— Mona Johnson (@Fame_UnSeen) January 2, 2013

Dam if they take more taxes out my check ima be more broke than I already am wtf!

— Sharon to be queen:) (@ohsosharonQ) January 2, 2013

So more taxes is coming out my check don’t they take enough out already geshhhhhh

— Kells ♚♥♥♚ (@Kellss_vs_Kells) January 2, 2013

2% more in taxes out of my check. :-/

— ECU Pirate Mom 17 (@GodBrownEyeGurl) January 2, 2013

Not happy w the fact that now that it’s 2013 3.2% more of my check goes to taxes. #helpmeimpoor

— Katie McCartney (@katiemc715) January 2, 2013

To start 2013, taxes have gone up!! Therefore (in my case) my 3% raise is all in my head cause my net check for 2013 is LESS than 2012…

— Shanice(@MizzSarKasm) January 2, 2013

Twitter was once again prescient; stifling of laughter must commence once Obama voters realize just what they voted for when they see their dwindling paychecks.

When you get your first paycheck of 2013 and your net (take home) pay is less than in 2012 don’t forget to thank an Obama voter!

— J. Andrew Walker (@JAWalker211) January 2, 2013

Indeed. More reality, with no sign of unicorn dust and fairy wings in sight.

“77 percent of American households will face higher federal taxes in 2013 under the agreement”

— Megan K. Marcus (@meganmarcus) January 2, 2013

#fiscalcliff raised taxes on all workers by ending payroll tax cut – 2% less take home #Obamacare increasing taxes more#tcot #PatriotsUnite

— Larry Miller (@LbrtyNow) January 2, 2013

Two hundred dollars worth of taxes came out of my paycheck for this week.Looks like I worked less than 30 hours a week rather than my 40+.

— Kathryn Yoakum(@kyoakum1) January 2, 2013

Even with the fiscal cliff deal… We still are going to take home less money every month… **table flippage**

— Shady Jones (@TheGrouponDon) January 2, 2013

Raised tax rates. No effect felt here! Pays to not be of the top 2%, eh?… …What? Payroll taxes increase so I’ll take home less $? Crap.

— Nabeela (@RealNabz) January 2, 2013

Those payroll taxes going to cut my paycheck a few dollars smh

— Christian the Lion (@PsilentAssassin) January 2, 2013

Amazing, more taxes to look forward to, and less money to take home. Great start for 2013. #bullshit

— Michael Trichilo (@BigTrix) January 2, 2013

Smaller paychecks coming – payroll tax hiked up Jan 1…

— Tia Ross (@tia_ross) January 2, 2013

While we slept Congress passed Obama tax plan. Raised #SSI & #Medicare payroll tax on everyone. Pay more, take home less. Thanks BHO.

— Ronnie Spangler (@Mar4L) January 2, 2013

So $50 more each check towards taxes instead of your pocket if you make 30K or more. Over $100 if you make 115k each check towards taxes

— ChildLikeGrownMind (@BigLani919) December 31, 2012

More taxes coming out of my check. That sucks.

— Whit Whit (@MsWhitneyParis) January 2, 2013

More taxes being taken out of my check. #ThanksObama

— John Ernst (@JErnst17) January 2, 2013

Just found out from HR that 2013 Social Security tax rate increased 2% meaning less take home pay. #screwed2013

— Rich Burris (@AngiesDork) January 2, 2013

If you make $40-50K per year, you are going to pay $570 more per year in taxes.

— Texafornia (@Tony_Five_O) January 2, 2013

@d_niemeyer FICA went back up too.Even less take home.

— Mike Carlson (@bigmcarlson) January 2, 2013

But, wait, there’s more! Add in the rising health care costs due to Obamacare.

I officially get paid on Thurs but direct deposit hits today. Check about 2-3% less thx to #taxes. Health insurance increase in 2 weeks

— Dick Stone (@dickster1961) January 1, 2013

love waking up to higher taxes. This will go along well with my 35% increase in health insurance #2012>2013

— Keith Davidson (@numu350) January 2, 2013

thanks @barackobama between increase in health care and taxes i take home 3% less thanks for the help

— Slovakian Sniper (@camaroguy64) January 2, 2013

This 1st check of the yr with the new tax changes & more expensive health insurance is not what’s up. *side eye to Obama*

— Bobbitt (@mewsickgirl) January 2, 2013

Between payroll tax increase, Obamacare taxes and huge health insurance premium increase, middle class is royally screwed #Obamanomics #tcot

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) January 2, 2013

I’m making $200 less a month because ofincrease to health insurance and rise of SS tax %. #happynewyear

— Jeremy Rickard (@jrrickard) January 2, 2013

Forward! To smaller paychecks.

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