For Some Odd Reason, Disembodied Feet Keep Washing Ashore In Canada

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A family was recently walking along Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island when they found a shoe that had washed ashore. Upon further inspection, however, they realized that there was a foot inside.

Oddly enough, this is the 13th disembodied foot found on the shores of British Columbia since 2007, but authorities insist that there isn’t any murderous, fetishized nonsense going on here. So what’s really happening?

Here is the most recent find. Investigators say that the foot wasn’t chopped off. Instead, it fell off due to lack of circulation.

While investigators assure residents that none of these cases involve foul play, it seems kind of odd to me that we don’t see random feet washed up on the shores of any other beach. What’s so different about the ones in British Columbia? Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

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