For the ladies? National Journal’s saucy ‘man bodies’ cover is a hit [pics]!/freddoso/status/382528819170533376

Oh my! The latest National Journal cover featuring “GOP Gone Wild” is creating quite the buzz on Twitter.!/ethanklapper/status/382532004857655296!/freddoso/status/382531042365558784

Totally. But we just read the articles, natch.!/brodigan/status/382529535960309760

Heh. This one is for the ladies. Objectify! Objectify like the wind!!/khennessey/status/382207114426339328

Oliphant responds:!/jamesoliphant/status/382222747914338304

Haha! Ladies love eye candy. May as well run with it.!/Mr_Berman/status/382529668148375552

Is what the article says really important? Because looky here:!/B_resnick/status/382530282131177472

You’re welcome.

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