Forward: Anthony Weiner stays in mayoral race; Huma stands by her man!/edhornick/status/359790870645579776

With Twitter buzzing over revelations that New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner had emailed nude photos under the alias “Carlos Danger,” Weiner called a 5 p.m. press conference, and we’re guessing the topic wasn’t National Hot Dog Day. Bill de Blasio, who is also running for mayor, didn’t mince words with a tweet issued soon before the press conference was set to begin.!/MichaelPaulson/status/359776471843221505

Emerging 37 minutes late with wife Huma by his side, Weiner repeated his apology for his “very public” actions but noted that only 49 days remain in the campaign.!/HuffPostPol/status/359789637880926208!/FixSean/status/359789342610292736!/stevebruskCNN/status/359789576434352129!/edhornick/status/359789774317420545!/jeneps/status/359789726896627714

Huma, absent from Weiner’s 2011 press conference, approached the microphones after her husband’s remarks.!/zbyronwolf/status/359790150424862720!/SteveKrak/status/359790663719600129!/politicoroger/status/359790478624964608

Weiner admitted to exchanging inappropriate materials even after his resignation from Congress but insisted it was all behind him.!/frankthorpNBC/status/359791293519507457!/frankthorpNBC/status/359790819915472897

Not answered during the conference was the question, “How can we trust your judgement?” — shouted by a reporter as Weiner and his wife left the room.!/LukeRussert/status/359792497368641537

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