Frightening: Inbound Learjet preparing for emergency landing; Updated!/RBPundit/status/308654959719751680

The plane reportedly has landing gear problems and is preparing to land at an airport either in Cahokia, Illinois, or St. Louis, Missouri.

#Broken RT @reuters: Learjet flying near St Louis preparing for emergency landing due to landing gear problem according to airport #breaking

— de la Muka. (@delamuka) March 4, 2013

@ericasmith There really is a plane in trouble – they would not have all those ambulances and ARCH helicopter waiting otherwise.

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

Terrifying @newsbreaker: LIVE: Plane w/ 8 aboard readies for crash landing in IL – @fox2now…

— Matthew Snelson (@mattsnelson9) March 4, 2013

KMOV-TV reports the plane is circling to burn off fuel, possible preparation for an emergency landing.

— Steve Cochran (@CochranShow) March 4, 2013

There are reportedly eight people on board.

Prayers for the Learjet attempting to make a crash landing with 8 people on board in Missouri.

— Emily Baxter (@EmilyBaxterUSA) March 4, 2013

We pray for their safety.



KTVI, Fox’s St. Louis affiliate, is reporting that the plane will attempt to land at Lambert Airport in St. Louis:

BREAKING – The Learjet with the nose gear problem is now diverting to Lambert Airport

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

BREAKING – Not sure when Learjet will attempt to land at Lambert @flystl

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

FAA restricting airspace over St. Louis Int’l airport due to the Learjet aircraft landing gear issue

— Frank Sotelo (@FrankJSotelo) March 4, 2013

BREAKING – Emergency crews are staged on runway at Lambert @flystl

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013


Airport and Air Force say the Lear jet involved is not a military aircraft

— Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) March 4, 2013

Twitchy will continue to monitor this situation and update with developments.



Media are now reporting that the Learjet has made a successful landing:

BREAKING – The Learjet has landed – it is surrounded by emergency vehicles

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

BREAKING – SkyFOX is 3 miles away from Lambert @flystl – but we can see the plane sitting on runway – no signs of damage from this distance

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

BREAKING – There is no smoke or other visible damage on Learjet that made emergency landing at Lambert @flystl

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

RT: ‏@kmov The Learjet with landing gear problems has landed safely at Lambert Airport.

— John R. Knicely (@JRKnicely) March 4, 2013

KMOV shows successful emergency landing. Glad it ended safely #learjet

— Rachel Weisel (@RachelWeisel) March 4, 2013

Learjet has landed in St. Louis, looks to be in good shape according to livefeed. Emergency crew on site.

— mira oberman (@miraoberman) March 4, 2013

Sky Fox says the plane has landed safely.…

— Mike Hayes (@michaelhayes) March 4, 2013

Learjet w/8 people aboard has landed safely.…

— Fuat Kircaali (@FuatKircaali) March 4, 2013

Wonderful news!

BREAKING – Learjet appears to have landed on front landing gear – people walking around plane with luggage

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

BREAKING – It appears Learjet passengers de-planed normally – took baggage over to shuttle bus

— FOX2now (@FOX2now) March 4, 2013

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