Gag line: Michelle Obama says hubby doesn’t believe in ‘us versus them’!/Obama2012/status/243181255724789761

The First Lady managed to deliver that line with a straight face, but conservatives who have watched four years of White House division and demonization of the Right weren’t having it:

Michelle really said that there's no "us or them" for @BarackObama? Really?? His whole WORLD is "us or them"!

— Angela Nelson (@angelaisms) September 5, 2012

"For Barack there's no such thing as us or them" – MO || except in every single class warfare laden speech he gives. #DNC2012

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) September 5, 2012

"He doesn't believe in 'us vs. them.'" Says the wife of the guy who works every day to divide us along racial, gender, or class lines.

— Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) September 5, 2012

Michelle: "For Barack, there is no Dem or GOP, no us or them." GOP donors attacked by name on Obama's website: "Uh…."

— Michael Graham (@IAMMGraham) September 5, 2012

"No such thing as us or them, Dem or Rep." PolitiFact, what say you?

— Robert Costa (@costareports) September 5, 2012

@theblaze @MichelleObama @BarackObama there is no 'Us' or 'Them' but there is a 'You' that didn't build that.

— Spencer_Meyer (@Spencer_Meyer) September 5, 2012

No us or them, but at #DNC2012 the dems have banned #DEMS from appearing on conservative shows on radio row #WTF

— Brett Winterble (@WinterbleShow) September 5, 2012

He's NEVER made me feel like anything BUT the enemy. RT @jpodhoretz: "For Barack there's no such thing as us or them" — OK, come on now

— Ron Jolly (@ProudExDemocrat) September 5, 2012

"For Barack, there's no such thing as us and them," said Michelle. Said Barack: "I won." And "Don't think we're not keeping score, brother."

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) September 5, 2012

Reality bites.

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