Give him an ‘F’: Economic dunce Obama calls higher ed ‘economic imperative’

Speaking to students today in Buffalo (no thanks to MSNBC’s geography experts), President Obama issued the following proclamation:!/BarackObama/status/370571999271075842

That’s not a surprising statement coming from the guy who insists that health insurance is a right — but it is an utterly stupid one:!/Jeorban/status/370590876298256384!/TabithaHale/status/370572190430687233!/DaTechGuyblog/status/370572356030173184

For what it’s worth, President Obama went to college, and his only economic imperative seems to be destroying the economy.

You wanna talk economic imperatives, Mr. President? Here you go:!/rdengr123/status/370573023180378112

Put that in your choom pipe and smoke it.



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