Grab the Nexium: Acid reflux abounds after AP shares sponsored tweet!/Prairie_Patriot/status/372374269084176385

Hey, it’s hard out there for a PC-pimp.!/AP/status/372372959383392257

But some AP followers think hustling for the highest OMG Big Pharma bidder!!11! is just too much.

Welcome to GERD City. Better ask your doctor if Nexium® is right for you!!/BlatherNBombast/status/372373242960683008!/JamesDDetroit/status/372374476060495872!/nilicule/status/372373338171387905

Perhaps these guys missed the ads that run on AP’s official website? “BREAKING” news doesn’t pay for itself, you know.

Others guessed the sponsored tweet was a hacker’s work.!/RyanMacouver/status/372373469414948864!/janesports/status/372374178155868160

Unlikely. The Associated Press announced earlier this year that it would collect revenue from sponsored tweets.

What do you think? AP spam or a necessary evolution of the dino-media business model?

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