Gun-grabbing moron of the day: Oregon state senator Ginny Burdick!/LaughAtLibs/status/295483975303041024

But, wait, there’s more. She also calls those who question absurd regulations on guns the “fringe,” you heat-packing , Rambo-like wackos!

Guess who said:”wackos packing heat” &”Rambos.” If you said an Or St Sen you win #5vtshow @berniegiusto @brucemccain

— Victoria Taft(@VictoriaTaft) January 28, 2013

Gun Grabbing Or St Senator Ginny Burdick calls gun owners “Rambos” and wants universal gun registration…

— Victoria Taft(@VictoriaTaft) January 27, 2013

No, really:

There’s a real Rambo complex going on here. You know my favorite one was the guy who after Aurora [Theater massacre] brought his gun to the same theater so he could get the attacker again and he shot himself in the butt—laughs. [Gleefully] And that’s a much more likely scenario instead of heading off an intruder!

Laughing. Shootings are so hilarious when one has an agenda to push!

PLEASE WATCH!!!! OR Anti-Gun Senator Burdick laughing at a gun accident, calling ALL of YOU the “fringe”. This…

— OR Outdoor Council (@ORoutdoor) January 27, 2013


This Twitter user offers up a response to Ms. Burdick.

Attention #GinnyBurdickI will not register like a sex offender, nor will I surrender ANY of my weapons to any jack-booted thugs.

— Carl Robinson (@Carl_0663) January 26, 2013


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