He Dropped An Egg And His Mother Did Something Truly Insane In Response

Many mothers find themselves overwhelmed by the job of caring for little ones.

But Zarah Coombs turned homicidal, telling detectives that taking care of three young children drove her to beat her four-year-old son Zamair to death. His only offense was dropping an egg. She put Zamair in a plastic storage bin full of water, where her boyfriend later found him. He was unconscious and he died later at the hospital.

This isn’t Coombs’ first run-in with Child Protective Services and this New York branch of CPS has other cases to answer for, as you’ll see in the video below.

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Chillingly, the Coombs’ family ran four daycare centers and Zarah Coombs was employed in a daycare center as recently as 2014.

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This makes me absolutely sick. No child should ever have to suffer like Zamair did. SHARE his story with others to raise awareness about child abuse.

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