He Has Saved Numerous People From Suicide, And Now He’s Being Honored

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In Australia, there is a notorious cliffside that locals refer to as “The Gap,” and it is unfortunately a popular destination for those wishing to commit suicide. Sadly, many people succeed in taking their own lives at this location, which is how it got its deadly reputation.

One man has chosen to combat that reputation, and he’s done so with incredible success. Don Ritchie, a man who has lived near the cliffside for many decades now, has taken it upon himself to coax people away from the edge. He invites them into his home to help them reconsider their actions. Here is his amazing story.

Kudos to Donald Ritchie. He’s truly a hero, and his selfless work has allowed him to save people who just need to seek help. It’s only right that people honor him for his dedication to such a worthy cause.

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