He Saw Some Lights In The Distance And Immediately Assumed It Was A UFO

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Before we get started here, let’s break something down. UFO, stands for unidentified flying object. While most people automatically associate UFOs with aliens, the strict definition of the term is really just anything in the sky that we have not yet identified. With this more bookish definition of UFO, the lens through which we view unknown flying objects becomes much narrower.

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When I watched the below video the first time, I thought UFO for sure. However, after looking closer I realized that while it meets the technical definition of UFO, it’s probably not aliens and rather an airplane of some kind.

Take a look for yourself. Does this UFO meet your paranormal standards?

(via Disclose.Tv)

That is pretty freaky. But again, let’s not jump to conclusions here. Sure, it’s a UFO now, but with a little research and common sense, that UFO turns into an earthly aircraft.

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