Here Are 17 Genius Breakfast Inventions That Will Change Your Morning Life Forever. MMMM!

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Making coffee and breakfast doesn’t have to be an annoying part of the morning any longer… in fact, these genius breakfast inventions will make it so simple and easy, it could be actually considered fun. Instead of groggily pouring milk over cereal, you could be making yourself your very own bubble waffles. Check out these simple, but genius, inventions. You’ll never look at breakfast the same way again.

1.) Make everything you need… all at once.

2.) No, it’s not a coffee mug. It’s way better.

3.) Do you love breakfast sandwiches? Then your day is about to be made.

4.) Never make a mess with your waffles again.

5.) Coffee, toast and a USB charging port for your phone. Yes.

6.) Don’t just buy Greek yogurt. Make it.

7.) This griddle has a secret warming drawer to keep all of your breakfast creations toasty.

8.) This is basically an egg popsicle, but it still sounds awesome.

9.) Would you like a waffle, omelette or BOTH? This machine can do it.

10.) Bubble waffles are the new breakfast food of the future.

11.) Who wouldn’t want waffle suckers?

12.) This is just another way to make breakfast sandwiches so easy.

13.) Be a cool kid. Shape your eggs.

14.) If you use too many emoticons and smileys in your emails, this is probably for you.

15.) Make bacon AND eggs in the microwave.

16.) Flipping omelettes is so plebeian.

17.) Just think of what you could put in here… a bowl made of bacon.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Getting ready for work and eating breakfast may actually be fun now. Isn’t that amazing? Share these awesome breakfast inventions by clicking the link below!

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