Here Are The Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!

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Every year, there are countless innocent victims who get terrorized… on April Fools Day. This April 1st, don’t let yourself become the butt of jokes. Instead, YOU can pull some pretty terrified pranks on your friends, family and coworkers. Just be warned, they might be a little grumpy if you pull any of these off. Some are a little on the evil side, LOL.

1.) Plant a garden in a coworker’s keyboard

2.) Keep roommates on their toes with an airhorn door stopper

3.) Participate in some extreme car camouflage

4.) Offer them (an impossible) glass of water

5.) Help upgrade a coworker’s office supplies

6.) Circle the shopping cart wagons

7.) Paint soap with clear nail polish and leave it in the shower

8.) Start a rat infestation

9.) Make their seat a treacherous trap

10.) Make sure that even the bathroom isn’t safe


12.) Turn a friend’s windshield into a rainbow

NOTE: Don’t pull this prank and let someone drive. Make this a parking lot prank only.

13.) Replace their anti bacterial soap with something more fun

14.) Remind someone they are a little self-absorbed

15.) Replace their Oreo cookie filling with something nasty

16.) Keep people updated on the daily news

17.) Throw coworkers a surprise party… with extra balloons

18.) Create a truly evil candy apple prank

19.) Give a friend’s car a new, bright paint job with Post-Its

20.) Know anyone who likes jelly-filled donuts? Give them a taste of mayo-filled donuts

21.) Add some frozen cotton balls to their car’s exterior

22.) Or, just be a good pal and make sure their car is nice and safe

23.) Make sure the people you care about drink enough water

24.) Give them some Jell-O during the work day as a nice surprise

Although it might not be in a form they’ll appreciate.

25.) Find an evil, but clever, way to ruin their appetites

26.) Create a Febreeze grenade. Just pull the zip tie, toss it and RUN.

(H/T Bored Panda) Hopefully, after reading this list, you’ll be a little wiser on April Fools Day 2014. Don’t trust anything anyone gives you. And if you try to pull any of these pranks yourself, just be ready for some retaliation. Good luck! If you thought this list was hilarious, pass it on!

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