shills for ‘guaranteed paid vacation’ petition

, ,!/rodentpolitics/status/492109146745892864

Hey, we get that your business depends on people taking trips but petitioning the government to mandate paid time off is a pretty sleazy way to increase business. It’s called the “Vacation Equality Project.”!/hotelsdotcom/status/491637409226838016

Here’s their video pitch for piling even more mandates on private businesses.!/TwitSmith/status/491776322792730624!/dipperspike/status/491718200275779584!/cybr_gk/status/491739927147593729!/TwitSmith/status/491747554363584512!/larry8061/status/491786505082269696

They’re clearly not getting any signatures from this crowd.

(hat tip @OhioCoastie)

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