HuffPo man-feminist inspires hashtag game: #ClymerNightmares

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Twitchy readers are probably familiar with outspoken man-feminist Charles Clymer. ‘Impotent girly rage’: HuffPo’s Charles Clymer gets his ‘feminist’ wings clipped

People are still enjoying giving Charlie a bad time apparently. This time it took the form of a hashtag game: #ClymerNightmares

Not getting a press pass for the NOW/NAGS conference. #ClymerNightmare

— Rusty Shackelford (@rshackelford14) October 6, 2014

Bartender ran out of grenadine. #ClymerNightmare

— Eric (@JustEric) October 6, 2014

Starbucks discontinues #PumpkinSpiceLatte #ClymerNightmare

— Tyler Durden (@rottencoreblog) October 6, 2014

Hot Topic and Forever 21 no longer carrying Extra Medium tees #ClymerNightmare

— Rusty Shackelford (@rshackelford14) October 6, 2014

Can't find his favorite lip plumper in his murse. #ClymerNightmare

— Sgt.Major Sugar Tits (@GOPMommy) October 6, 2014

#ClymerNightmare Not being invited to Ladies Night w/the girls! Why can't I just be a wing "woman" for once? #Pouts

— Theresa Giarratano (@TMGijane) October 6, 2014

The Victoria's Secret Angel's commercial played twice in the same break during "Grey's Anatomy"!!! #ClymerNightmare

— Manachronism (@djsmuzz) October 6, 2014

Someone finally calls him out for being a man who speaks for women who he claims don't need a man to speak for them. #ClymerNightmare

— Pol (@PointlessPol) October 6, 2014

Pajama boy is still ahead of him in the hottest androgynous weenie polls #ClymerNightmare

— Stacey Lennox (@ScotsFyre) October 6, 2014

"@mark_my_words: Prolife, conservative women that are hot #ClymerNightmare" 👍

— Tarah (@tarah_dactyl_) October 6, 2014

@tarah_dactyl_ @mark_my_words so, conservative women, period?

— The Dude (@gordonshuckrow) October 7, 2014

Walking up to the ticket booth just as they flip over the SOLD OUT sign for the Barbara Streisand concert. #ClymerNightmare

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) October 7, 2014

#ClymerNightmare Beyonce dances in front of the word Feminine instead of Feminist. #LifeRuined

— AngieSenseiofSass (@Artist_Angie) October 6, 2014




‘Impotent girly rage’: HuffPo’s Charles Clymer gets his ‘feminist’ wings clipped

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