I Can’t Believe That Someone Would Do This To Another Living Being. Oh My…

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When Polly was found with two other emaciated horses in Buckinghamshire, England, things were not looking good for her or her cohorts. By the time the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA had reached her, Polly was practically part of the ground.

Someone who works with the group said Polly was the second skinniest horse she had ever seen. While the two other horses died, Polly held on long enough to get rescued by The Horse Trust, a group that works to rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured horses. Her remarkable recovery is absolutely incredible. Take a look.  

WARNING: the image below is extremely graphic and potentially very upsetting.

When The Horse Trust found Polly, she weighed only 700 lbs–which seems like a lot, until you consider that a healthy weight for her would be twice that.

Once The Horse Trust took Polly in, her condition began to improve–albeit, slowly.

In addition to her weight issues, Polly also had to battle skin conditions like rain scald and dermatitis.

But, thanks to the hard work of everyone at the sanctuary, Polly was able to make a recovery.

And what a recovery it was!

(via The Dodo)

Way to go, Polly (and all of her helpers)! This horse’s transformation is truly an inspiration! If you’d like to support The Horse Trust, you can send them donations directly through their website.


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