I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Felt So Bad For A Dog In My Life. That’s Why The End Made Me Cry.

It’s hard to understand why some humans choose to cruelly abandon or viciously abuse their pets, but it happens every day and it breaks our hearts. But, every now and then, you’ll find a story that completely restores your faith in humanity. This is one of those stories. A Reddit user casually posted this gallery, casually calling it an “abandoned dog rescue.” In reality, it was one of the most shocking rescues we have ever seen.

Seriously, this is graphic…so turn away now if you’re squeamish.

This dog was found completely emaciated, terribly wounded on his hindquarters and all alone.

Words can’t even describe this poor dog’s injury.

He was skin and bones, it was a miracle he was still living.

It was obvious someone knew he was there. There was a box, a pitiful amount of food… as if someone couldn’t even care to try for this dog.

There was a gaping hole on the back of his legs…

So his savior carried him to get help.

He was finally going to be loved.

The starving dog was already thankful for the help.

The first step was treating his terrible wound.

His rescuers didn’t know how it happened, but it was so bad he could have lost his tail or legs from infection.

As soon as he was bandaged up, it was time to rest.


The veterinary staff and his rescuer were happy to be helping this little guy out.

Although he was receiving medical treatment, he desperately needed to put on weight so he could survive his recovery.

Slowly, but surely, he was healing.

Before he was found, this poor dog’s muscles were nearly falling out of his body.

He was in such good hands.

Now, he is getting a taste of the high life!

He’s also getting a taste of real love.

He and his rescuer became the best of friends.

It’s shocking to think this was the same pup that was found, starving in a box.

A big tummy, lots of hugs and health … this dog and his new daddy were so lucky to find each other.

These are the kinds of stories we live for, to see good triumph over evil and for the innocent to be saved. We thank that wonderful man for stopping to save this dog.

Source: reddit.com

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