Ick: Ke$ha pioneers blood-tweeting


Yesterday, she took a photo of herself urinating on some street:

pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik. http://t.co/FX3Xtlry

— kesha (@KeshaRose) April 25, 2012

Today she treats us to a photo of her (alleged) blood being poured into a bowl:

We definitely aren’t sure, but we think she might have encased her blood inside a vinyl record:

She alluded to blood-filled vinyl records a few days ago:

If u really search, there r a few vinyl albums filled with my blood.Which was transported across the country in a tampon case…long story.

— kesha (@KeshaRose) April 21, 2012

You think that’s disturbing? Wait ’til you see the responses from her fans:

@keshasuxx sexy blood 🙂

— Jake Matton (@iisjake) April 27, 2012


@keshasuxx That Blood is of ur period??? I want it

— Monique (@SleazyTime) April 27, 2012


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