If These Things Happen To Your Tongue, Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something

If you asked me how often I look at my tongue, my answer would be pretty much never.

Sure, I see it when I’m brushing my teeth each morning and night, but I never really take a good look at it. Why would I? Well, as it turns out, I might be making a big mistake.

Because our tongues are exposed to all kinds of bacteria (some good and some bad), they’re uniquely positioned to tell us if something’s wrong. Here’s what seven different tongue conditions could mean for your health.

1. If your tongue has white patches, you could have an easily treatable infection.

2. A black and/or hairy-looking tongue can indicate something treatable…or something very serious. Best to check with your doctor on this one.

3. If you’ve been eating scalding-hot soup or lots of ice cream recently, you might notice that your taste buds look a little worn. They’ll get better soon!

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