In Her Final Moments, This 5 Year Old Brought an Entire Town to Tears. They’ll Never Forget this.

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Caroline Cronk was less than 5 years-old when she discovered she had terminal brain cancer. Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma would slowly shut down her systems, one by one.

But her strength inspired not only her family, but her community as well.

Calle was diagnosed with a type of cancer that started out as a brain tumor… and it would slowly shut her body functions down, one by one.

Calle was originally brought to the doctor because she was falling over very often in dance class.

They discovered a mass in Caroline’s brain. Ever since they discovered the cancer, her mother refused to let her sleep alone.

Calle suffered through numerous radiation treatments. The steroids made her hungry and the treatment made her sick. She felt nothing but pain.

Her mother would hold and console her throughout this terrible time.

They didn’t want to mention death around Caroline or Connor her little brother.

Even though she was sick, Caroline still loved having fun.

She and her best friend, Lilah, got best friend necklaces so that their bond would always be remembered.

Nearly 2,000 people came out to support Calle in her Miracle Run event. The community showed so much love for this little girl.

Only days before she passed, Calle got to enjoy the pool that was built specially for her, even though she could barely move at that point.

Towards the end, she lost the ability to communicate… but it was clear to her mother was she was saying.

Her parents struggled for nine months to keep her alive… and now mourn every day without their little girl.

Share this story and pray for Caroline’s family. This time must be exceedingly difficult. Parents should not know what it’s like to lose a child.


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