Jake Tapper: ‘I just don’t see any’ pressure on Obama to act on Syria


NBC’s David Gregory has proved to be a classic media water carrier for President Obama; for example, he recently parroted the administration’s bogus claim that 40 percent of gun sales are made without background checks. So it’s no surprise that tonight, with Israel reportedly behind a massive explosion near Damascus, Syria, Gregory’s concern is: how does this affect Obama? If the president is stressed over his own red line being crossed again and again, he didn’t show it during his press conference Tuesday.

CNN’s Jake Tapper wonders just where this pressure is coming from.

Pressure from whom? RT @davidgregory: Do Israel’s actions take pressure off President Obama on Syria?

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) May 5, 2013

@jaketapper GOP, broader international community, himself as the issuer of the red line

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) May 5, 2013

Oh, and don’t forget the immense pressure from the White House press corps and the mainstream media. But mostly it’s the pressure Obama puts on himself.

@davidgregory he doesn’t care about GOP, there isn’t serious, unified international pressure, and his red line was full of caveats.

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) May 5, 2013

@davidgregory not trying to be flip – one would think w so many dead there would be pressure. But I just don’t see any.

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) May 5, 2013

Twitter begins lining up behind Team Gregory and Team Tapper.

@jaketapper @davidgregory No matter what the question, John McCain on Meet the Press is the answer. So how ’bout it? McCain Sunday? Please?

— Jay Rosen(@jayrosen_nyu) May 5, 2013

@davidgregory keep up the great journalism/RL

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) May 5, 2013

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