Jay-Z announces ‘Made in America’ corporate-sponsored music festival



Rapper Jay-Z is way too big to join any existing Summer music festivals like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo. If he feels like putting on a show for his die-hard fans, he’ll just start up his own festival from scratch!

Jay-Z will headline the Budweiser Made in America festival in Philadelphia this Labor Day weekend. The festival, curated by Jay-Z himself, will feature a roster of nearly 30 acts from many different genres on three stages at Fairmount Park on September 1st and 2nd.

Jay-Z knows how to stay wealthy.

— nef (@Nef_Film) May 14, 2012

I thought jay z was going to tell the world he was moving to space to a section of a planet he bought. I guess a festival is cool too.

— ɐɯnɾ ɐʇıǝʞ (@kjforshort) May 14, 2012

That Jay-Z sure does like to change the game.

— JasFly (@JasFly) May 14, 2012

Considering Jay-Z’s popularity, it’s safe to say tickets will sell out with or without other great performers. The full list of acts won’t be released until later this month, but we know the name of at least one other rapper who plans to take part in the festival…

Some dude named “Freeway” was present with Jay-Z at the official press conference, but you’re not supposed to know that! In fact, Jay-Z pushed him aside when it came time to take photographs.

Damn Freeway! He got pushed out the picture during the press conference w/ Jay Z!

— K.Foxx (@KayFoxx) May 14, 2012

SMFH! RT @PhillyCustoms: Video Of Jay-Z Telling Freeway To Slide Off To The Side -> – http://t.co/kbocgTfW

— Ralph B. (@RMB215) May 14, 2012

Freeway's so close to the edge of the stage he's about to fall off. He doesn't own anything business casual so he couldn't take pictures.

— PJ (@pjhoody) May 14, 2012

Freeway couldn't even cop a suit.

— R (@TheRealMe_23) May 14, 2012

Freeway looking like "these crackers think I'm his security" http://t.co/HgoxZHav

— lil duval (@lilduval) May 14, 2012

All y'all slandering Jay for supposedly mistreating Freeway must've forgotten why you even know who Freeway is in the first place.

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ) May 14, 2012

Even though Freeway has had me blocked for awhile and I never knew it until like 2 months ago, Jay-Z was still wrong for that selfish shit.

— Ralph B. (@RMB215) May 14, 2012


We agree! Poor, poor Freeway. By the way, does anyone know who the heck he even is??

Either way, Philadelphia has mixed reviews on the festival. Some people can’t wait to go. Others think it’s going to bring nothing but chaos to the city.

Jay z look goooood as shit!!! I'm gettin my tickets! Philly going b popping on labor day an that's my bday month!!!!!

— Rob's wife❤️ (@Lil_tash_28) May 14, 2012

ok so i would without question go to the jay-z music fest in philly. but i like living so much that i dont want to gamble with my life.

— justin turner (@mr_jt412) May 14, 2012

I'm definately going to the Jay-Z 2 day music festival in Philly

— Dre' (@IRapSports) May 14, 2012

last time I saw Jay-Z perform was at Live 8.. unreal. can't wait to see him perform again this summer! #philly #madeinamerica

— Mrs Miller (@geminikk) May 14, 2012


That concert in fairmount park gonna be fuckin crazzzzy lol idk wtf Jay Z was thinkin doin that shit in Philly.

— Alyssa (@Alys_ToHisHeart) May 14, 2012

#TRUTH RT @PhillyTheBoss So Jay-Z gonna single handed-ly kill Block Parties in Philly by having a labor day weekend festival..

— ® (@RyanRstar) May 14, 2012

I appreciate Jay-Z for picking Philly city for this first time Event…*Salutes*

— Lakshmi Tata Devi (@Passport_Vixen) May 14, 2012

Jay-Z, a vocal Occupy Wall Street supporter, has no problems with corporatized music events. An unspecified portion of ticket sales will go to local Philly charities.

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