John Stamos says he ‘WILL. F**K. YOU. UP’ if you call him a pedophile on Twitter!/KatieNSmith18/status/441780149952851968

Have mercy!!/i_am_schaft/status/441779452033249281

What happens when actor John Stamos says you’ve called him a pedophile on Twitter? This:!/pitpanther01/status/441805825724526592

And his hair was probably still perfect.!/sgld/status/441810158168309761!/IsidoreV3/status/441797178944536576!/Aurelius_KiNG/status/441803285289132032

The tweets were deleted and this happened:!/JohnStamos/status/441821459384504320!/JohnStamos/status/441830248540147712

So, if you call Stamos a pedophile, he will either eff you up or give you a call and make plans to shoot a video. That’s one way to build buzz.!/luiibravo/status/441822772075827200




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