Judge grants motion for discovery into Clinton’s email server

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders never tires of telling audiences that the average donation to his campaign is only $27, and sometimesit seems like his supporters have overpaid. Does he really want to win?

Sanders famously interrupted the first Democratic debate to express how sick and tired he was of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails.” Later, during a debateon MSNBC, moderator Chuck Todd brought up the email issue, which Sanders refused to address. “There’s a process under way,” said Sanders, adding, “I will not politicize it.”

Fortunately, not everyone is sick and tired on hearing about Clinton’s damn emails. Judicial Watch announced today that a judge has granted its motion for discovery into the Clinton email scandal.

District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivanauthorized Judicial Watch to submit a plan for narrowly-tailored discovery and might also order the State Department to subpoena all the emails on the clinton.com email system.

Judicial Watch President Thomas J. Fitton said thatthe court-ordered discovery “will help determine why the State Department and Mrs. Clinton, even despite receiving numerous FOIA requests, kept the record system secret for years.”

Though Clinton seems to think her 11 hours of testimony cleared her of any wrongdoing, Politico reports that Judicial Watch has expressed an interest in questioningClintons former chief of staff Cheryl Mills, top aide Huma Abedin, her current lawyer David Kendall, IT staffer Bryan Pagliano,and Undersecretary for Management Pat Kennedy.

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