Katie Pavlich loaded with kick-ass at first IDPA shooting match [pics]

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Armed and fabulous again! Where is Townhall’s Katie Pavlich?


Ms. Pavlich is at an International Defensive Pistol Association match. Here is more from her via Townhall:

After meeting world shooting champion and Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob at the SHOT Show in January, she invited me to come check out the 17th Annual International Defensive Pistol Association [IDPA] Indoor Nationals to get a first hand look at competition shooting.

This year’s competition spans until Saturday but I’ll be shooting today with a small group of Smith & Wesson executives and a couple other newbies to the competition world. It’s my first real shooting competition, so I’m bracing myself for a humbling experience. There are thirteen stages that require 180 rounds (I brought 250 just in case). Each stage is set up to mimic real life self defense situations.

Awesome. IDPA matches are a way to train for self-defense through competition. Liberals won’t understand that, natch.

Ms. Pavlich and her coach report from the scene, where Katie was apparently loaded with kick-ass!





Kudos, Katie! We are contining to cheer you on.


Indeed. Follow Katie Pavlich and shooting champion coach Julie Golob on Twitter for continued updates from the IDPA scene.

Fight (and shoot) like a girl? You betcha!


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