Kellogg’s UK promises breakfasts for hungry kids in exchange for RTs!/KelloggsUK/status/399504017371701248

What is Kellogg’s UK apologizing for? This tweet, which it posted yesterday and deleted about 30 minutes ago:!/KelloggsUK/status/399204759863037952

Poor taste? Many tweeters thought so:

Check out @KelloggsUK new social media campaign:
1 RT = 1 breakfast for a vulnerable child
#DamageLimitation— HM (@Shugism) November 10, 2013!/TripeUK/status/399498360542855168!/jamiesont/status/399475819258843136

Putting this genie back in the bottle is going to require more than deleting one tweet. Check out Kellogg’s UK’s Give a Child a Breakfast website:

kelloggs UK

We have a feeling Kellogg’s UK’s social media department is about to have a vacancy.!/cluedont/status/399505003360288768


Some tweeters took issue with the “wrong use of words” language in Kellogg’s UK’s apology:!/fatboyfat/status/399506450512621568!/The_No_Show/status/399504885118689280

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