Mark Mangino’s Wikipedia page gets hacked!/mlavieri/status/191967718805737473

Former Kansas head football coach has always been the butt of fat jokes and even though he’s been out of the public eye for a couple years now, people still love to make fun of him.

Look where Mark Mangino coached from 2010-2012 after he left Kansas.

— C.J. Matson (@CJ_Matson) April 16, 2012

See what Mark Mangino has been up to since being fired #DyingLaughing #EMAW

— Wildfrats (@KSUWildfrats) April 16, 2012

We guess it’s safe to assume that even hackers get bored once and awhile…

A swimming pool filled with gravy. That sure does sound yummy…

@KegsnEggs On the other hand, someone actually spent minutes of their life hacking Mark Mangino's Wiki. So, who's really the loser?

— Tony (@DrinksTheThings) April 17, 2012

So mean, yet so funny. RT @KegsnEggs: Mark Mangino's Wikipedia Page was hacked, probably.

— Hugh Kellenberger (@HKellenbergerCL) April 17, 2012!/Kansastwin24/status/192009415409414146

Fun at Mark Mangino's expense! "@hderange: @getnickwright Already removed but here's a screen grab to RT"

— Derek Dennis (@RiotIceChest) April 16, 2012

Vandals attack Mangino's wikipedia page with slander or truth? I haven't seen the big guy in years so who knows.

— Fake 1912 Jay (@FakeKUCJay) April 16, 2012!/YesAnotherRyan/status/191960983298785280

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