Matt Cain throws third career one-hitter!/SFGiants/status/190933956122783745

It’s only opening day and San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain is already earning his millions! The 27-year-old was just 3 innings away from throwing a no-hitter, but thanks to the Pirates’ pitcher he had to settle for his third career 1-hitter.

Of course the Pirates' pitcher James MacDonald breaks up Matt Cain's perfect game in the 6th w/ a single.

— Will Chandler (@willchandler2) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain gave up one base runner today. That was a hit to the pitcher in the 6th. That's about as close as you can get.

— Timothy Sweeney (@TNSweeney) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain throws a 1 hitter (hit was by the pitcher). #SFGiants win their opener 5-0. Thats why he's paid the big bucks. #$ #MLB

— Connor Paden (@ConnorPaden22) April 13, 2012!/piper_hanke/status/190934655187435520

Matt Cain made that game seem way too easy. Perfect game foiled by the pitcher of all people. Not bad for opening day, way to go @SFGiants.

— Joel Cruz (@JoelMCruz) April 13, 2012

Way to go Million Dollar Man Matt Cain ! 1 hitter strikes out 11 Giants win 5-0!

— Dean Brunt Jr. (@PapaDukes22) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain just pitched a 1-hit shutout for the Giants. He gave up the 1-hit to the opposing pitcher! #soclose

— Will Manso (@WillManso) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain 1 hitter. Congrats pirates pitcher, u ruined a no-no.

— Channing TatYUM (@preagan5) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain 1-hitter shut out. Amazing. I just hope the Pirates don't do what the Rockies did after Zito's SO.

— Patrick Hillas (@_phillas) April 13, 2012

Fantastic day for #Giants Matt Cain owners!!! 11 K's one hit complete game shutout. That one hit was to the pitcher!

— Mike (@BaltimoreBlazer) April 13, 2012

Matt Cain was utterly dominant. Fun to watch that man pitch his 3rd 1 hitter. #SFGiants

— Brian Sanchez (@BSan_Sports) April 13, 2012!/caseydillabaugh/status/190934354309025792

Complete game shut out 1 hitter? LOOKS LIKE A GOOD SEASON FOR @SFGiants BASEBALL FROM THE OPENER! What a game from Matt Cain

— Ronni (@ronnigonzo) April 13, 2012

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