Mia Farrow wants Glenn Beck to apologize to Meghan McCain [video]

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“The most f*cked-up, disgusting, worst, most insulting things anyone has ever said about me — hands-down ever in my entire life — came out of this man’s mouth.”

That’s what Meghan McCain told Pivot TV’s audience about Glenn Beck. The well-mannered, sophisticated young lady doesn’t care for some of the things he’s said about her over the years, and she wants an apology. Mia Farrow, for one, thinks she should get it:


Now, it’s important to point out that Meggie doesn’t think Beck would show her even an emoticon of remorse:

“In all seriousness, if Glenn Beck wants to come on this show, I’m happy to have a conversation with him. I think pigs will fly out my ass sooner than this, that man would come on my show.”

But she’s still grateful to have Mia in her corner:


Mia’s pretty stoked, too:




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