Michael Skolnik: Stop being so damn selfish about protecting your rights


We suppose it’s progress that proponents of gun control are finally starting to pay attention to the ridiculously high number of gun homicides in Chicago. Global Grind’s Michael Skolnik has bought into the myth that 40 percent of guns are purchased without a background check, and now he’s (not surprisingly) adding the race angle to his grab for guns.


More than 500 people were murdered in Chicago in 2012, but it took the Sandy Hook massacre for President Obama to assemble his gun violence task force.



Those cricket sounds haven’t been coming from gun rights advocates, who have long been citing Chicago’s body count as proof that even the most strict gun control laws don’t keep criminals from getting their hands on firearms. And speaking of rights, Skolnik suggests that Americans’ Constitutional rights come with conditions.


What does it mean to fight for a peaceful life for kids in Chicago? Pass a national gun registry? Ban all guns?



If it’s race keeping people from paying attention to gun deaths in Chicago, maybe Skolnik should have a chat with the folks at ThinkProgress, who seem preoccupied with accidental shootings at gun shows.





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