Mike Tyson lost over 100 pounds on vegan diet


Since retiring from the sport of boxing, Mike Tyson has struggled with his weight. At one point he ballooned up to 360 pounds and had a belly bigger than Butterbean’s.

Thanks to changing his lifestyle and a Vegan diet, the hall of fame heavyweight claims to have slimmed down to around 230 pounds.

Can't imagine @MikeTyson at 360. Glad you decided to change up the diet. #oneofthegreatest

— Lee Ferguson III (@LeonFergusonFit) June 8, 2012

@MikeTyson Wow.

— El Jefe (@suburban28) June 8, 2012

@MikeTyson Congratulations, I know how hard that was (is)!

— RealEstateStan (@realestatestan) June 8, 2012


Now that Tyson is back down near his fighting weight, boxing fans are trying to get the 45-year-old back in the ring.

@MikeTyson Iron Mike, sounds like you can get back into the ring and show those Klitschos who's boss! #boxing

— Johnnyt74 (@johnnyt74) June 8, 2012

@MikeTyson I bet you could still whoop ass

— Kash (@K4SH_) June 8, 2012


@MikeTyson 360 top weight?! 230 now? Good job Iron Mike. U do back into shape might as well get in the ring.

— Father to a King (@EL_TACO_NACO) June 8, 2012

We would absolutely love to watch Iron Mike step back into the ring, but let’s be real. Whether he’s in fighting shape or not, he would get his butt whooped against any of the top contenders in the world today. He’s too old and lacks the aggressiveness that made him so great.

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