Mom’s Decision To Turn Son Over To Police Has Sparked Controversy Among Parents

If you learned that your child had committed a crime, would you punish them at home — or call the police?

When mother Lakesha Robinson noticed her 15-year-old son, Chris Salter, using a cell phone that wasn’t his, she pulled out all the stops to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. After finding out that the cell phone had been taken from a burglarized vehicle, she told the victim to go ahead and call the cops.

Robinson then went through her son’s room and found several items that had been purchased with stolen credit cards. Sadly, she says it’s not the first time she’s caught him stealing.

Salter has apologized, but he can’t erase the past. The teen is now facing four counts of burglary and will likely spend time in a juvenile detention center.

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While some have criticized her actions, Robinson sees what she did as an act of tough love. She said:

“I’m not losing my son to the system or to the streets. My son isn’t going to be a statistic. If I had to do this so he does better, it’s how I’m going to do it. I’m just not allowing my son to take that path. I’m going to stop it ahead of time. This could’ve ended way differently. Someone could’ve caught him, shot him, and asked questions later.”

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