Move over, T-Bone: Chris Christie is Cory Booker’s new best bud [photo]!/GovChristie/status/390941644360794113

To celebrate Cory Booker’s victory in New Jersey’s Senate race, Gov. Chris Christie tweeted this photo of him and Booker shaking hands (and possibly moving in for a man-hug, judging from the motion blur on Christie’s left hand). We imagine that photo will look great on Christie’s wall right next to the snapshots of him and President Obama strolling along New Jersey’s boardwalk together.

The special election that swept Booker into national office was called by Christie, who chose not to appoint a Republican or Democrat to fill the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s seat, considering the matter “too important” to be left to him.

Who wants prints of this very special moment in bipartisanship?!/JoeyC1897/status/390942364488826880!/Philip_Rizzo/status/390942939548876800!/gamorreanguard/status/390943092842708992

Yes, Christie is still a registered Republican.!/KenMcNatt/status/390942449947774976

That would be intriguing, if Booker were to switch to the GOP — you know, to show how much he’s willing to work together.

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