No, Joe Buck, that wasn’t Pearl Jam’s ‘new song’!/AdamESPN1380/status/393577993068490752

Pearl Jam megafan Joe Buck was totally stoked to hear “Animal,” the latest side from that hot new beat combo Pearl Jam, at Thursday night’s World Series game. What’s that? That single was released in 1994?!/BradKing32/status/393574337237618690!/brianjameswalsh/status/393576006562238464

Twenty years isn’t that old is it? There are plenty of songs that are way older than that.!/hammradio/status/393574746232586240!/MatthewEnnaMD/status/393574868865646592!/redmark91/status/393574899140153344!/paulc_sj/status/393575137921863680!/kenblankenship/status/393575364628602880!/RobHLee/status/393575965168640000

Twitter users heap hate on Joe Buck

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