No more Mr. No Drama Obama: POTUS cries…while Romney beams!/adamsbaldwin/status/265667640922607617

Obama Crying at Final Campaign Rally in Iowa? ~…

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) November 6, 2012

Get out the Kleenex. The man formerly known as “No Drama Obama” pulled out all the stops  — and unleashed some tear drops — in Iowa tonight. We didn’t see them fall when our murdered diplomatic staff came home from Benghazi in coffins. We didn’t see them during Obama’s tour of areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. And we didn’t see them over the last four years of dismal jobs report releases. But with his pride and the election hanging in the balance, the formerly diffident president has turned on the spigot.

His fans ate it up:

Aww I was just watching Obama on tv and he was crying . Made me cry 😔😌👍

— Briiii (@FADED_Thoughtx3) November 6, 2012

This Obama speech is a good reminder than when I run for office, I will be crying about everything constantly because politics is emotional.

— Frances Martel (@francesmartel) November 6, 2012

Obama crying at his last campaign speech in Iowa >>> Good lord I love that man. So glad I got to be a part of history with him 4 times.

— Ali Bee (@xoAliBee) November 6, 2012

But not all were wowed:

Just like the rest of us. RT @adamsbaldwin: Looks like Obama is crying in Iowa right now.

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) November 6, 2012

Obama’s crying? Yeah, well Mitt’s talking right now, about real issues. I’ll stick with the Mitt rally.

— Conservative Girl (@caseykim12) November 6, 2012

Obama is crying on CPAN….He needs an academy award to set next to his Nobel prize. #phony #desperate

— Suzie(@suziejoh) November 6, 2012

Obama’s crying at his last campaign stop. Mitt is talking about what he’s going to do the next 4 years. Help is on the way!

— Aaron (@a_ryan88) November 6, 2012

Obama started crying during his last rally speech- knows he’s losing his job- like we have!! #BooHooObama #vote #RomneyRyan2012

— Kris(@Raddmom) November 6, 2012

” sob sob, because being emotive, sniff sob, is a distraction from failure”RT“@tamimarler: Why is Obama crying at his last rally in Iowa?”

— CharlesS.Tx (@charless_tx) November 6, 2012

Obama in Iowa on MSNBC. Obama acts and sounds weak and beaten. He is crying.

— JD (@BrezzyJD) November 6, 2012

Obama is crying in Iowa…I wonder if he just realized that the private sector isn’t doing just fine

— Josh Tejkl (@jjtejkl) November 6, 2012

Why is obama crying…I don’t think it’s gonna get him any extra votes..

— Jonathan Lyte (@jonnylyte) November 6, 2012

@twitchyteam Are you sure Obama’s tears weren’t put there by his teleprompter?

— Matthew Vadum (@vadum) November 6, 2012

Let’s hope he does it again tomorrow night…. RT @skeeter10: Obama is crying?!?!

— scottinnj (@scottinnj) November 6, 2012

Two paths. Two visions. Two faces:

Mitt Romney is energetic and hopeful. Obama’s crying. Tells you all you need to know about this race.

— Aaron (@a_ryan88) November 6, 2012

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