Noel Sheppard’s tweets show a fighter with a sense of humor


Twitchy readers have heard the sad news that prolific Newsbusters blogger Noel Sheppard passed away early Friday morning. Sheppard’s first tweets about his illness in January showed his terrific sense of humor in the face of adversity. “ER ordering a battery of tests,” he tweeted. “I bet they all conclude I’m an incurable conservative with a warped sense of humor.”

Days later he was diagnosed with cancer, but rather than retreat, Sheppard kept on tweeting about his health, his progress and his setbacks, all the while keeping his sense of humor, as some of his last tweets prove.!/NoelSheppard/status/438458536809746433!/NoelSheppard/status/439163747954098177!/NoelSheppard/status/442374181662236673!/NoelSheppard/status/443069000772509696!/NoelSheppard/status/443075648794673153

March 16:!/NoelSheppard/status/445206400806158336

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to Noel’s family and friends

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