Oh Look, A Random Box In The Yard. Let’s See What’s Inside… WHOA!

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You may think this is just a simple, but beautiful, chest… but it is so much more. This custom, hand-crafted box contains a surprise inside that is even more beautiful. Watch as it unfolds and transforms into something both functional and gorgeous. You’ll want one for your house immediately.

It looks just like a box…

In fact, it looks like a finely crafted chest.

But it’s so much more than that.

When you open up the locked box, you’ll see slats…

It’s hard to imagine what they would be used for.

But when the pieces start to come together, you can see it’s supposed to be something much, much better than just a box.

Every piece needed to make the final form is included in the box.

Things are slowly sliding into place…

Each joint or bolt inside of the box has a purpose.

Just take the handles out…

And extend!

It’s taking shape…

That is DEFINITELY a bed, not a box!

Now that’s how you make a bed.

Just imagine the looks on the in-law’s faces when the only thing in the guest bedroom is a wooden box.


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