Party of ‘Clinton, [Filner], Kennedy’ warns against GOP ‘Mad Men’ era policies

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The DNC used the occasion of the season finale of “Mad Men” to warn Americans to not allow the Republicans to “turn back the clock on women”:!/TheDemocrats/status/470744700274491392

Hmm, why does “Mad Men” era behavior sound so familiar?!/AspiringThrawn/status/470745137132216320

[See Editor’s note below] Oh, of course. But at the DNC, a monumental lack of party self-awareness is the top job requirement.!/GenStuart/status/470745298734960642!/scause1701/status/470745216719130624!/gabrielmalor/status/470748872508473346

Thanks for another laugh, DNC!

Editor’s note: The title of this post originally read “Party of ‘Clinton, Fulner, Kennedy.’ It has been amended to correct a tweeted typo in former San Diego mayor Bob Filner’s name.

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